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Your Business cannot afford Computer Sick Days…

computer virus removal

Keeping your technology healthy is critical to running your operations efficiently. As malware, spyware and viruses become more prevalent, it is imperative that your network is constantly monitored and maintained. ReMove IT from Design Data Corporation is an affordable hosted solution, which provides a team of technicians that are proactively watching your defenses to help protect your business, and avoid computer sick days. Our IT security and PC virus removal services will ensure you are working at peak performance, at all times.

Ask yourself the following Questions:

  • Are all of your computers up to date with virus definitions?
  • When is the last time your computer scanned for viruses?
  • Are quarantined viruses being properly removed from your computer?
  • Are your computers slow, due to memory and processor intensive Anti-Virus?


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Managed Anti-Virus

Design Data Corporation provides an all-inclusive solution to keep your Anti-Virus managed and monitored. ReMove IT allows Design Data to take a proactive approach to Anti-Virus, unlike other solutions that “set it and forget it”. The ReMove IT solution is extremely lightweight and drastically reduces the amount of stress on your server. With real time monitoring, Design Data can remove quarantined items from your computer, send notifications if definitions are out of date, quickly and remotely run system scans, and produce detailed reporting to analyze trends.

  • Industry Leading Anti-Virus Software
  • 24×7 Definition Monitoring
  • Virus Alerting and Notifications
  • Removal of Quarantined Items
  • Remotely Perform System Scans
  • Detailed Threat Reporting

Content Filtering

As part of the ReMove IT Security program from Design Data Corporation, you can protect your environment through enhanced security filtering. Protect your network from visiting unwanted sites that contain inappropriate material, unknown malware, Trojans, botnets and more. The Managed Security solution from Design Data Corporation helps reduce downtime on your network, and guest network, by blocking access to potentially harmful websites.

Patch Management

Now, more than ever before it’s critical that you include patch management as part of your layer security approach. Patch Management from Design Data Corporation includes patching for a variety of products including:

  • Microsoft
  • Adobe
  • Java
  • Apple
  • 7-Zip
  • FileZilla
  • Google Chrome
  • Skype
  • And many more

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