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I realize what you all did is what you’re paid for and you were just doing your jobs, but I’ve been around long enough to experience people who do their jobs and those that go the extra mile and have a passion for their vocation, and you all are the latter. Thank you

John E. Hults : Museum Store Manager


I appreciate the support Design Data has been providing. I don’t have to think about our systems (well…at least not much anyway), and have been able to focus my attentions elsewhere. That’s exactly what we need.

Tim King : Founder and President

Lancaster Lebanon Habitat for Humanity : Microsoft Office 365 Migration

Thank you so much for how quick, patient and professional you and your whole team were on this. All my fears about this (and you know, me being a first timer with this process, there were many!) were completely put to rest.

Amy Balestier : Communications Manager

Meridian Products : Technology Partnership Reduces IT Costs and Expands Support Team

Design Data’s ReThink IT has been a good experience for us. Everyone at Design Data is responsive when we have a problem. We don’t have to beg them to come, and they stay at it until the problem is solved. That’s what really makes it work for us. ReThink IT for us was a decision that came as a result of our costs and expenses. For the last few years our industry has been adversely affected by the economy, the housing bust and the mortgage crises. This forced companies like ours to become more cost conscience and Design Data was a win for us. We were able to reduce our costs while keeping our technology working 24/7. We had previously supported our IT efforts internally, and when we ran the numbers it made sense for us to partner with Design Data. ReThink IT was a perfect fit. When we have problems with our computer systems or with one of our units we don’t worry. The experts at Design Data are here to fix it. It is a full service relationship, which we defined from the very beginning when we started. Everyone at Meridian Products values our business PARTNER Design Data.

Marty Ness : Owner & CEO

H.L. Wiker, Inc. : Hard Drive Crashes, Major Crises Avoided Donna_picture

Since joining Design Data’s ReThink IT program in March 2011, we do not worry about our computer systems. They simply work in the background while we focus on our business. We have peace of mind in knowing that the expert and friendly technicians at Design Data are only a phone call away. We recently experienced a severe hardware failure. We came to work following the Memorial Day holiday weekend to find that our entire computer network was down. Because Design Data includes a monitoring feature in their ReThink IT program, the technicians knew about our problem before we arrived that morning and were able to react quickly to our needs. They copied our data to the new hard drives and had us up and running with no data loss. Because of Design Data’s expertise and quick response, a potential major crisis turned into only a minor inconvenience. Thanks to the team at Design Data for partnering with us for our IT needs.

Donna J. Shoff : President

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