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3 Summertime Security Tips


Summer is upon us, meaning vacations and the kids out of school! Here a a few tips to help keep you and your family safe while enjoying the season.

1. Use caution connecting to unsecured WiFi. Many hotels, airports, coffee shops or other public areas may offer free wireless access, but these networks are accessible by everyone, making you vulnerable to malicious users. It is wise to restrain from logging into any password protected websites while connected to an unsecured wireless network.

2. Consider using a free product such as OpenDNS Family Shield, to protect any device used to connect to the internet. Protect your family from visiting unsecure and inappropriate websites.  Many of these types of products offer parental controls, content filtering and security, and protection against fraud and phishing.

3. Be careful about what data you are storing on portable devices such as laptops, flash drives and smart phones – these devices can easily be lost or stolen. As a first step to protect you data, require a pass-code to unlock these devices. You may want to consider extra protections like remote file deletion or encryption.