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Stay Safe – Wi-Fi, Anti-Virus, Device and Software Updates, and other things to consider

Design Data Corporation’s Stay Safe Campaign –  covering best practices for security.

Wi-Fi Networks

  • Public Wi-Fi may be convenient; however, it can be risky to use. Data can easily be compromised by man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Never conduct banking, shopping and/or entering other sensitive information while on a public network.
  • Consider using a VPN, or use your smartphone as a hotspot as a more secure option.


  • Keeping your Anti-Virus software up to date with the most recent definitions will prevent, detect, and remove malware from your computer.
  • Quick scans should be done daily, and deep scans weekly.

 Device and Software Updates

  • It is important to keep all software and applications up to date on internet connected devices to reduce the risk of infection from malware.
  • Keep your device current by allowing automatic updates and rebooting weekly.

 Other things to consider

  • When you leave your computer, lock it or log off to prevent unauthorized access.
  • If your company does not already have a timeout set for computers, consider setting it on your device.
  • Biometrics, examples of which are fingerprint or face recognition, are becoming increasingly popular. If your computer or device has this capability, use it!