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ReSend IT

Easily send large files securely to anyone, anywhere.

ReSend IT is a  free tool offered by Design Data Corporation, which allows for reliable and secure sharing and transferring of large files.


Overcome the limits of email

Transfer very large files – up to 5 gigabytes.


Keep track of file access

Know immediately when somebody receives your shared files.

frontpage_smartphoneAnytime, anywhere access

Share and access information from any online device.


You guys are THE BOMB!!
For months now, we have been trying to overcome a big problem for us, namely how to email videos to our customers. We use these in camera jobs showing sewer/water line blockages, issues, etc.
No way I could get the files to email; they always kicked back. I had checked out Dropbox, and did not like the monthly fee, or some of things I had heard about it, so I was still sitting at square 1. THEN….today your wonderful newsletter, and the answer to our problem! I tested this out sending two videos to myself and to another coworker, and behold, perfectly easy and seamless. This is really huge for us. Thank you for providing this service, especially for NO COST! In today’s market where everyone wants a pound of flesh, that is truly remarkable.
Your grateful fan,

Brenda Ferrell | Associated Products Services, Inc.

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