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A New Mobile Friendly Site is Here!

Look around – the world we live in today is digital, technologically advanced, and fast-paced. Another thing that you will notice, and one of those things you can count on happening, is that the trends are continuously changing. At Design Data Corporation, we are not only well aware, but we also breathe that!

Our clients in Lancaster, PA have relied on our unmatched and consistent delivery of computer tech support, network support and advising services since 1984.

Since day one of our business, Design Data has been committed to building lasting business relationships through the superior customer service and technology support.

Just like we love to provide you, our client, with the premium industry standards and bring latest and greatest into our services, we are very passionate about keeping up with the latest technology trends, so that we can always be in the position to offer you the cutting edge solutions.

So, we are proud and excited to share our latest venture – an even more sophisticated website that is mobile friendly to better serve our clients!

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At Design Data Corporation, we recognize the important role of brand updates, and how essential it is to continuously go in the direction of professional evolution, expertise, and innovations.

That is why we have collaborated with an innovative marketing agency to update our website to a more advanced, user-friendly site. As part of our branding enterprise, we took steps to ensure our current and future clients have an easy time using our site on mobile devices.

Why did we choose to place our efforts and investment into a mobile friendly website?

Well, the question really is – who doesn’t use mobile phones nowadays? The answer: very few people. Mobile phones and tablets have become a staple in today’s world, so much so that a mobile friendly site is simply a must.

With the advancements in smartphone and tablet technology, the way we live our lives and perform business has definitely been altered. To give you a better illustration of the digital world we live in, we want you to look at some attention-grabbing data:

As reported by comScore.com, the business landscape and how we operate businesses forever changed in 2014 – when Internet usage on mobile devices surpassed PC usage.

Here’s more: did you know that 99.5 percent of us use our smartphones to access web content or information? That’s almost 100%!

We find these statistics to be really interesting: 4 out of 5 consumers will make purchases or make appointments using their smartphones or tablets!

As a result, numerous surveys have been conducted to establish the importance of having a responsive and user-friendly site, increasingly proving their significance.

Design Data Corporation recognizes that swift and efficient adapting to provide quality mobile experiences becomes not only a competitive advantage over other businesses that are still stuck in the old ways, but also a must for the Top IT Companies Lancaster, PA.

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So we focus on ensuring that digital resources of our Lancaster PA IT Specialist business serve target audiences not only during business hours but 24/7.

At Design Data Corporation, we have had the pleasure and honor to help many clients over the years by providing Solution Driven Computer Tech Support and Lancaster PA Network Support, among other premier services.

We are very proud and enthusiastic about the quality results we deliver to our clients, and to make it even more convenient for our current and potential clients we introduced the “click and call” feature on our site.

And there’s more – our goal is to ensure increased rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing for specific final keywords for our industry, so people can more easily find us.

These enhancements compliment the fact that we stay committed to providing a guarantee that, as your partner, our dedicated team of technicians will supply the highest computer tech and network support that you can trust for many years to come.

Looking for a Lancaster PA Computer Tech Support that will be your dependable Partner that can tie IT all together?

Have peace of mind knowing that your Lancaster PA IT tech support and network team at Design Data Corporation is always standing by.

We hope you enjoy our enhanced, mobile friendly site and see for yourself why we continue to be one of the most recognized and trusted IT companies in Lancaster, PA.