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Is your Data as SAFE as you Think?

backupFrom hardware failure to fire, flooding or other natural disasters – what would happen to your data if the unthinkable occurred? Data is one of your most critical business assets, and protecting it is paramount to any business continuity plan. Unfortunately, many small businesses rely on vulnerable tape backup systems, creating a false sense of security!



How To Protect yourself from Ransomware… Backup… Backup.. Backup!!


Complete Workstation Backup

Millions of computers over the past few years have been locked and encrypted through some form of Ransomware. These malicious applications render your files useless and the only solution is to restore from a backup… that is, if you have one. Over the years, Ransomware has continued to evolve and take on many different forms and infecting computers and mobile devices via many different channels. If you have critical information on your computer, it is time to get backed up. Design Data Corporation has a backup solution to fit your need, from Desktops to mobile

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A Few Highlights:

  • Image Software

    Complete imaging software, including upgrades, maintenance and support.

  • Job Notification and Alerting

    Backup notification and alerts are triggered if certain parameters are not met.

  • Instant Restore Device

    Your encrypted data is stored with Design Data for fast, reliable image recovery in the event of a disaster.

  • Data Verification

    Design Data manually verifies the functionality and accessibility of your images.

  • Cloud Storage

    Your encrypted server image is stored in the cloud for a complete offsite copy of your server.

  • Local Storage

    Design Data provides an onsite device for faster data recovery and restoration.

  • Disaster Restoration Services

    We will provide complete restoration of your data to get your business back up and fully functioning.

  • Onsite Server Appliance

    An appliance residing at your location can boot your image quickly with minimum down time.

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