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emailYour email is critical, treat it that way!

Keeping your corporate inbox clean and properly filtered is one of the best ways to prevent malware and reduce downtime. With Design Data Corporation’s ReTrieve IT program you can ensure that your email is properly filtered and managed. From a Daily Email Digest, to Whitelisting and Blacklisting, you gain control of your inbox.

Spam Filtering

The ReTrieve IT program from Design Data Corporation provides managed spam filtering and email continuity services from local partners you know and trust. Keep your inbox free of unwanted spam that can quickly eat up so much of your time. Your IT team at Design Data will configure and proactively manage your spam filtering to ensure that your email is running optimally. For one monthly fee per mailbox, you can rest assured that your email is being proactively maintained.

Email Continuity

If your environment is running a Microsoft Exchange Server, you need to have a plan to access your email if your server ever goes down. With ReTrieve IT from Design Data Corporation, you will have emergency access to your email. To learn more about this program, contact Design Data Corporation today.

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